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Wincom, Inc.’s business model incorporates support for disaster relief and helping our local community. Our employees and ownership are proud to serve those in need and provide support.

American Manufacturing: Decreasing Dependency of Chinese Import

The supply of yellow metal corrosion inhibitors tolyltriazole and benzotriazole (triazoles) to the U.S. were exclusively supplied by China for many years. Prior to 2006, U.S. manufacturers supplied a large quantity of the domestic requirement as well as a significant portion of the global use. The startup of Chinese manufacturing of TTA and BTA around… Read more »

Denatrol® (Denatonium Benzoate)

Denatrol®(Denatonium Benzoate) is used as an aversive agent to reduce ingestion of mildly toxic materials. It is available in a variety of different solvents as well as a pure powder. Denatrol®is used as an alcohol denaturant and is present in many household and automotive products. Typical Applications Include: Antifreeze Denatured Alcohols Insecticides Liquid soaps Pesticides Shampoo… Read more »