American Manufacturing: Decreasing Dependency of Chinese Import

The supply of yellow metal corrosion inhibitors tolyltriazole and benzotriazole (triazoles) to the U.S. were exclusively supplied by China for many years. Prior to 2006, U.S. manufacturers supplied a large quantity of the domestic requirement as well as a significant portion of the global use. The startup of Chinese manufacturing of TTA and BTA around this time flooded the U.S. with low priced imports eliminating the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers which resulted in an end to all domestic production. Wincom’s interest in pursuing domestic production of triazoles began from a growing concern from customers and as a business necessity to have an alternative supply to China. Triazoles are an irreplaceable function additive into several industries. Most notably industrial water treatment (cooling towers), engine coolants (antifreeze), metal working fluids and lubricants. Production pauses, shutdowns and raw material sourcing issues from China have jeopardized shipments of triazoles to the U.S. creating product shortages and force majeure situations.

Since 2011, Wincom has introduced several triazoles to the domestic industry that have helped to secure our nations supply and provide our customer base alternatives to Chinese imports. Wincom’s patented purification processes is used domestically to manufacturer tolyltriazole to the industry standard. Wincom’s domestically manufactured tolyltriazole is sold under the trade name Wintrol CT®. Wincom’s patented technology has allowed our company to compete with China while reducing the overall chemical footprint significantly. Wincom will continue to expand the domestic production capacity and introduce new and existing triazoles to the domestic and global markets.