Wintrol Sebacic Acid

WINTROL® SEBACIC ACID (Decanedioic Acid) is used primarily in metal working fluids, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, engine coolants, plasticizers, cosmetics, candles, etc. Wintrol® Sebacic Acid is also used as an intermediate for aromatics, antiseptics and painting materials.

Sebacic acid is a derivative of castor oil, with the vast majority of world production occurring in China which annually exports over 20,000 metric tons, representing over 90% of global trade of the product.

Note: Technical assistance maybe required to successfully formulate with Sebacic Acid.

Sebacic Acid

99.5 % minimum


0.3 % maximum


0.04 % maximum


Free flowing white granular



Color (APHA)

25 max

Shipping and Storage

Wintrol Sebacic Acid is available in 55 lb. paper and nylon bags.

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