Sodium Tolyltriazole

Wincom's manufacturing efforts with tolyltriazole first began with the 50% sodium tolytriazole solution. Throughout the last decade we have serviced several industries with American Made Tolyltriazole. Our domestic portfolio continues to grow with the backbone built from this product.

Common Uses

Water Treatment
Engine Coolant
Metal Working Fluids and Cleaners

Product Information

Assay: 50.0%

Chloride Content: 50 ppm maximum

Appearance: Clear amber liquid

*Please inquire to the remaining reported testing parameters*

(2 molecules)
Sodium Tolyltriazole

How We Help Your Business

Sodium tolyltriazole is the most commonly used azole form in the United States.  Sodium Tolyltriazole is a mixture of two isomers, 4-methyl benzotriazole and 5-methyl benzotriazole.  Sodium tolyltriazole in its completely raw state is actually colorless.  Color bodies associated with the product are very low in concentration and largely undetectable.  The standard concentration for the product is 50% sodium tolyltriazole despite the ability to provide the product at a higher aqueous concentration or a lower sodium tolyltriazole concentration which reduces the color of the neat product.  There are several companies in the U.S. that produce liquid sodium tolyltriazole from imported acid solid.  Wincom, Inc. is the only company in the U.S. that currently produces sodium tolyltriazole, tolyltriazole, sodium benzotriazole or benzotriazole.  There is no company is the U.S. that is able to match the overall support that we offer for our sodium tolyltriazole.