Benzotriazole Glycols / Alcohols

A very popular and widely used form of acid benzotriazole is provided to our customer base in glycols and isopropanol. Benzotriazole as acid holds a high solubility in acidic conditions compared to tolyltriazole. The ease of formulation when blending with our liquid corrosion inhibitors into your products reduces mix time and the necessity for heat.

Common Uses and Applications

Water Treatment
Glycol Based Systems
Direct Treatment of Metals

Product Information

20-40% active tolyltriazole as acid products provided in a variety of glycols and isopropanol

Benzotriazole Chemical Compound

Wincom provides benzotriazole solutions in a variety of solvents as a request of our customer base.  The handling of solid benzotriazole and dissolution into a variety of applications requires energy (heat), time and employee handling.  Our benzotriazole is pre-dissolved at high concentrations within a variety of our customers solvents to reduce handling and batch time.  The popularity and quantity of benzotriazole solutions used within the U.S. continues to increase as a result of a tightening of regulatory requirements and lessening the exposure (dust) to the human labor force.  Since the fact that artificial intelligence will not replace humans in the work force (hopefully ever!) for quite some time, why not save time, money, energy and reduce your employee’s exposure by switching from solid benzotriazole to benzotriazole solutions.

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