Benzotriazole is a corrosion inhibitor of high purity, most commonly used in yellow metal protection. Wintrol® B products are available as solids, salts and dissolved in glycols/alcohols. Solid benzotriazole products are off white to light yellow with very low odor. Wintrol® B is used as a vapor phase inhibitor and preferred for use in direct treatment of copper. Benzotriazole has a higher solubility in water than tolyltriazole, which aids in formulating.

Common Uses and Applications

Water Treatment
Engine Coolant
Metal Working Fluids

1,2,3 benzotriazole or “BTA” is the most simplistic triazole used for the protection of copper and its alloys.  Benzotriazole is used in its acid from (Wintrol B), as a sodium salt (Wintrol B-40) and solubilized within glycols and isopropanol

Benzotriazole Chemical Compound

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Benzotriazole (BTA) is a pure compound. Benzotriazole has relatively good water solubility. Benzotriazole is used as the solid dissolved in solvents or in water-based systems as the sodium or potassium salt solution. Benzotriazole has always been of high quality with only slight odor and color. Benzotriazole is the triazole with the highest vapor pressure and starts to sublime at higher temperatures which makes it suitable for vapor applications.  Benzotriazole is available in a variety of forms. The basic raw material benzene or the derived ortho-phenylene diamine (OPD) fluctuates with the price of oil.  Benzotriazole has a bp of 350 deg. C (204 deg C at 15 mm Hg) and a sublimation point of 200 deg C. The pKa Dissociation Constant is 8.37 and the pH in water is 5.5-6.0 with a solubility in water of 1.98 g/l @ 25 deg C.

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