Wincom Inc. offers the widest variety of triazoles available under the Wintrol® IMG_2065brand name. Choosing the best Wintrol® product for any application can be confusing. An inappropriate choice can result in poor performance. Wincom Inc. has more than 80 years of practical knowledge in the use of triazoles. Common questions include:

  • Which Wintrol® product is best for my application?
  • Which Wintrol® product has the highest stability in water (oil)?
  • Are the Wintrol® products compatible with my components?
  • Which Wintrol® product gives the best protection for multi-metals?
  • Can Wintrol® products reduce cobalt leaching?
  • Which Wintrol® product is best in controlling copper corrosion?

Call 877-WINTROL (877-946-8765), or send us an email at We will answer your technical questions and help you make the best Wintrol® selection to enhance performance and maintain economics.