photo_mercaptobenzothiazoleWINTROL® MBT (Mercaptobenzothiazole) is a copper corrosion inhibitor used in many of the same industries as Wintrol® T and Wintrol® B. This yellow metal corrosion inhibitor will oxidize and deplete, especially in open recirculating systems. Wintrol® MBT provides some protection to steel, cast iron and aluminum. Many formulators use combinations of Wintrol® MBT, T and B to obtain quick and long-lasting metal protection.

MBT-50Na – Sodium MBT solution
MBT-C – Mercaptobenzothiazole powder (oil coated)
MBT – Mercaptobenzothiazole powder

Wintrol® MBT-50Na is produced in the U.S. This product is packaged in new U.S. drums at 550 lbs. each.