THE USE OF BITTERING PRODUCTS as aversion additives into mildly toxic consumer products has increased over the last 10 years. Child poison prevention laws in Oregon, California and Arizona have pushed potential legislation at the federal level. Denatrol® denatonium benzoate (DNB) products are the primary source of bitterant used in antifreeze, windshield wiper fluids, denatured alcohol, rodent baits and certain pesticides.




Denatrol®  100 DNB solid, powder
Denatrol® EG 25 Wt/Vol% DNB in ethylene glycol
Denatrol® 20EG 20 Wt% DNB in ethylene glycol
Denatrol®  35PG 35 Wt/Vol% DNB in propylene glycol
Denatrol® 40EG 40 Wt% DNB in ethylene glycol
Denatrol® 40MW 40 Wt% DNB in methanol/water
Denatrol® 25MW 25 Wt% DNB in methanol/water
Denatrol® 25ET 25 Wt% DNB in ethanol

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