photo_benzotriazoleWINTROL® B PRODUCTS ALL CONTAIN BENZOTRIAZOLE (BT). All of the solid Wintrol® B (benzotriazole) products are off-white to light yellow with very low odor. Wintrol® B (benzotriazole), like Wintrol® T (tolyltriazole), is used in the same industrial applications as copper and high copper alloy corrosion inhibitor. Wintrol® B (benzotriazole) is also used as a vapor phase inhibitor, and is preferred for use in direct treatment of copper. Wintrol® B (benzotriazole) has a higher solubility in water than Wintrol® T (tolyltriazole), which aids in formulating.


B-E – Benzotriazole Fiber (Electronic Grade)
B-G/F – Benzotriazole Flake
B-P – Benzotriazole Powder


B-40Na – Benzotriazole Sodium Salt
B-40K – Benzotriazole Potassium Salt


B-45IP – Benzotriazole in Isopropanol
B-45IP(W) – Benzotriazole in Isopropanol and Water
B-35PG – Benzotriazole in Propylene Glycol
B-35PGA – Benzotriazole in Propylene Glycol and Water
B-20EG – Benzotriazole in Ethylene Glycol
Wintrol® T is the clear choice.