Denatrol™ 100 – Denatonium Benzoate USP/NF

Denatrol™ 100 is a granular, white, solid material. It is an extremely bitter substance used in small quantities to denature SDA-1 and SDA 40B alcohols. Denatrol™ 100 is also used to render material unpalatable, such as antifreeze, windshield fluids, cleaners, and pesticides.

Product Code:  20DB100G


Chemical Name: Denatonium Benzoate
Molecular Formula: C28H34N2O
Molecular Weight: 446.58
CAS Number: 3734-33-6
Assay 99.5 – 100.0 %
Appearance White Granular Powder
Melting Point Range 163 – 170NC
Chloride as NaCl 2,000 ppm max.
Loss on Drying 1.0 % max.
pH (3% solution in water) 6.5 – 7.5
Denatrol™ meets all USP/NF specifications

IR – Maxima identical to reference standard
UV – Absorptivity at 264nm within 3% of reference standard.
Trinitrophenol – Yellow precipitate
Ammonium Reineckate – Precipitate melting point ca. 170NC.


25 kg Drums

Solubility in g/100 ml at 20NC

Acetone: 1.4
Isopropanol: 10.5
Benzene: 0.5
Methanol: 69.0
Butanol: 20.8
MEK: 1.2
Chloroform: 33.0
Stoddard Solvent <0.1
Ethanol: 35.5
Toluene: <0.1
Ether: <0.1
Water: 4.5
Ethyl Acetate <0.3
Xylene: <0.1

Personal Safety

Caution: Avoid excessive exposure. Good personal hygiene and housekeeping should be followed when handling this product. Refer to SDS for handling, exposure and cleanup information.

Shipping and Storage

Store in cool, dry, ventilated area away from any heat source. Keep container tightly closed and in upright position when not in use. Keep away from oxidizing agents, flames and ignition sources.