BUTYLBENZOTRIAZOLE (BBT) AND HYDROGENTAED TOLYLTRIAZOLE (THT) HAVE PROTECTION CAPABILITIES far above common tolyltriazole (TT) or benzotriazole (BT). Wincom Inc. classifies BBT and THT as Super Azoles (SA). Wincom Inc. has utilized these Super Azoles as the foundation of our high performance, mixed azole products or Super Azole Mix (SAM). The SA and SAM products are superior for the control of copper corrosion and the reduction of cobalt leaching.


TT and BT are the materials most commonly used to control copper corrosion in cooling towers, automotive cooling systems and metal working fluids. Wincom Inc. has developed Super Azoles targeted for superior copper protection.


Wintrol® BBT-25Na – Sodium butylbenzotriazole
Wintrol® THT – Hydrogenated TTA in water
Wintrol® THT-35PG – Hydrogenated tolyltriazole in PG
Wintrol® THT-50K – Potassium salt of hydrogenated TTA