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WINCOM INC. PROVIDES HIGH QUALITY CORROSION INHIBITORS AND ADDITIVES under the Wintrol®, Bit'R™, and WinMist™ brand names. Our product line features unique blends of both Tolyltriazole (methylbenzotriazole) and Benzotriazole.

Wincom Inc. is committed to providing high quality functional additives to manufacturers of engine coolants, water treatment packages, metal working fluids, lubricants, cleaners, and corrosion protection products.

Most importantly, we deliver customer satisfaction through quality, technical service, competitive pricing, and personal interaction. We help customers choose the Wintrol® product that best meets their needs for performance and economics.

Tolyltriazole (methylbenzotriazole) and benzotriazole are the chief components in our blended products.
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Copper Bullet

The Copper BULLET® is a unique combination of azoles (Super Azole Mix) which provides enhanced protection in aqueous and hydrocarbon systems.
  • Significantly better film stability (Compared to TTA or BTA), and ideal for high corrosive environments

  • Less inhibitor use

  • Reduce triazole cost

  • Reduce TTA dependency

  • Formulates similar to TTA
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